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5 Reasons You Should Never Skip Breakfast

Getting late to school or work, we often end up missing our breakfasts. If you have been irregular with your breakfast meals, here’s something really important for you. Here are some reasons you should never skip breakfast.

Prevents from Gaining Weight

People who eat breakfast in the morning are less likely to gain weight. A research published in a renowned health journal revealed that people who skip breakfast in the morning have a tendency to gain weight as compared to people who eat breakfast regularly. This is also due to the fact that eating a healthy breakfast in the morning prevents you from eating the heavy meals for the whole day. Which makes your diet stable and prevents you from overeating as well. Therefore, if you have had a complete healthy breakfast in the morning, you are less likely to go for the junk or heavy food in the lunch. This means a healthy breakfast prevents an unhealthy lunch and a healthy lunch prevents an unhealthy dinner.

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Makes you Active and Energetic

Starting off your day with an energetic breakfast will leave you energetic, fresh, and active for the whole day long. People who take breakfast regularly are more energetic and physically healthy. Our body functions properly when you eat something right after waking up to kickoff your day.

Boost your Immune System

Nutrition plays a very vital role in the functioning of our immune system. And breakfast is a prime source of early day nutrition. A study found that people who don’t skip breakfast in the morning are less likely to catch flu’ and cold. Thus, taking the breakfast in the morning increases the red blood cells which helps in fighting against the germs.

Sharpens your Mind

Taking breakfast in the morning makes your mind stronger and sharper. Your mind is fresh when you wake up in the morning. Therefore, taking a healthy breakfast would help you with your physical as well as your mental health. Nutrition is the key to mental well being and lack of necessary nutrients could affect your mental capacity to a great extent. Nutritionists recommend that school going children should not miss their breakfast in order to be productive and active during their school hours. Various studies conducted in academic institutions revealed that students who regularly ate breakfast in the morning showed higher grades, level of concentration, and school attendance as compared to the students who did not ate breakfast regularly.

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Reduces risk of Diseases

Taking breakfast in the morning has been linked to the prevention from many fatal diseases. Doctors are of the view that taking breakfast reduces the risk of heart diseases among the people. It also reduces the risk of Diabetes type 2 as it stabilizes the insulin level in your body. So taking breakfast is the best way to stay healthy and avoid the fatal diseases in the long run.




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