Do's and Don'ts of dieting

Do’s and Don’ts of Dieting

It is visible that our society is highly obsessed with losing weight and being thin. Making long-lasting lifestyle changes is the most effectual way to lose weight and maintain health. Clean eating is a lifestyle that puts an end to convenience food containing a jumble of unpronounceable ingredients. It focuses on natural foods letting your bodily systems run the way they are meant to. Greater intake of nutrition will help you lose extra pounds and helps in maintaining a healthy weight. Where, losing weight leads to a healthier lifestyle, there are many right and wrong ways to diet. Here are some do’s and don’ts of dieting that will help you pursue a healthy weight loss.

When embarking on weight loss then do

Get Very Veggie:


        Vegetables provide nutrients, antioxidants, and fiber. Most of vegetables contain low amount of calories but are high in fiber, which proves to be           helpful in keeping you feeling filled for long time. Make sure to have “plants-only” dinners at least three times a week. It is not like other foods           are necessarily harmful but that they thrust the vegetables, beans, and grains out your plate. Greater intake of plant foods especially vegetables reduces the risk of cancers diseases and strokes.

 Drink Plenty of Water:


          You should drink at least eight to ten glasses of water per day to keep your body hydrated. Your body requires water in order to function properly             and to metabolize fat. If you are willing to lose weight, make sure your water intake is sufficient. Start by drinking at least eight 8-ounce glasses of water per day and for every 25 pounds of excess fat, drink an extra glass of water each day to help your body burn more fat.

Limit the Amount of Animal Fats You Take In:

animal fat

High concentration of animal fats is found in dairy products like cheese, milk and cream, egg yolks and meats – particularly red meats like lamb and beef. Instead, try to eat lean fish and dark turkey meat. The best way is to limit red meat intake to once a week but do not totally eliminate it.

Eat Small, Frequent Meals:

small meals

Divide your per day calorie intake into multiple short meals. Eating four to six small meals a day will keep your blood sugar levels stable and will increase your metabolism. Since, these meals make you feel filled, there are fewer chances of you turning into fat snack monster.

Remember to Include Portion of Protein in Meals:

Protein Diet

          Make sure to include in every meal small proportion of protein, like turkey meat, that is highly lean and a great source of protein. This proves to be helpful in building muscle mass, reducing cravings.

When embarking on weight loss then don’t


Don’t be Too Strict on Yourself:

Don't be too strict

       Give yourself a treat every once in a while as a reward for all your hard work. Just be sure to count it into your daily calorie intake, and restrict giving treats to once a week. That way, they will taste so much good.

 Don’t Over Do Exercise:


     Make sure to have rest days in between active days, of exercise, where you take it easy instead or take light exercise, for instance walking for 25 minutes.

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 Don’t Skip Sleep:

don't skip meals

        Hunger cravings are produced due to lack of sleep, causing you to eat more and gain weight. Lack of sleep also increases cravings for foods that are high in sugar, fat and carbohydrates.

Don’t Miss Breakfast:

Don't miss breakfast

Skipping breakfast makes you to opt for mid-morning snack which may not always be good for your health.

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 Don’t Become Obsessed with Diet:


        If you feel yourself too obsessive about your food intake, ask yourself why. Make sure that you’re outings are as enjoyable as they should be and don’t deprive yourself from meal when going out.



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